Need ID for My WTH Plant

After a successful first indoor grow in a 4x4, I used my remaining 4 White Widow photo seeds for a second grow. One plant was a three leaf-er, which looked and behaved so very different from the other WW plants. It finally developed 5 leaves midway into a relatively long veg. It is now 3 weeks into flower, but I see no bud development.
What the hell is going on here?? One pic shows the rogue plant by itself and the other pic shows it and the “normal” WW plant beside it, on the left.
Would love to know what’s going on here.


Firstly, welcome aboard. Second, she looks like she has some root zone issues going on. Do you know your runoff ppm’s and pH? Also, I’d get any dead vegetation outta there, as it can cause mold or rot.

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Thanks for your response. This plant did not turn into a 3 leaf. It was a 3 leaf right from germination. Not only did it grow in a strikingly different manner than the other White Widow plants, I early on questioned whether it was actually cannabis. A plant identification app on my wife’s phone identified it as such. Hoping someone can inform me on what to expect from this creature.

Don’t know the ppm’s or ph. Her three sisters have had uniform growth with no apparent problems. I mainlined and trained each plant in the second grow in the same manner as her 4 sisters in my first grow (crappy picture included).

I feel your frustration. My current grow is two Acapolco Gold Photos (supposedly).

They look and grow totally different. I’m told it’s normal. I question that with a strain as old as AC.