Need help with using my new grow lights

I did. Scroll up the past pic was 5 days ago its really growing fast im super happy with how its doin

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Yup, you could say “growing like a weed.”

Yes definitely

So I thought my last remaining ones outside would be ok since it wasnt gettin down to actual freezing last night. But they obviously did get frost. Are they gonna be ok?

Not my area of expertise.
good question, any covering or protection from wind?

F*$% no. Im taking the white widow up. Its ready hopefully itll be ok. I still have super silver haze and gorilla skittles. Im gonna cover them tonight then its supposed to warm up again

I gotta say the cold has really brought out coors in the bud. Its alot more purple than green. I wouldve thought it wouod be more white but im happy. Cant wait to test it

get a cheap microscope, really cool and you can see the trichomes really good

Hello, I’m wondering I bought a what I hoped was a little better light gauge that measures fc/lux ? can I convert that over?

HLG.COM has a “Resources” tab and "Calculators " with conversion software, if you provide parameters.

USB 1600 Microscope with stand $20.00
20231019-121216-578 - Copy
Bud porn, priceless


@Poseidon1 G’day mate bk again have you ever tested 40watts per sq foot ? swik has,hid too i not know about the new led stuff but man t1000 is it good for flowering ?.edit compared to a 600 watt hps is a t100o just got more coverage or more intensity.?lumems.

Can’t answer specifics.
1983 1000 watt MHD Great, until the fire (not caused by light)
2022 700 watts China (cheepiest before forum)
2023 600 watts HLG DisneyW and summer hiatus.
Never to full harvest (other issues).
All grow something.

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:slight_smile: DEEPDIVERDAVE bahhaaa until the fire farkin funny mate.yeah was just wondering how some folks are going with led’s.:slight_smile: