Need help with twisted leaves and a few yellow/brown spots

Peyote Wifi from seedsman, Wedding Cake from seedsman towards end of week 2 of veg. 3 gallon fabric pots with Foxfarm happy frog soil. Tap water ph 6.2. Element Nutrients Complete Crop 9-5-15. Daytime temps hit 76 to 77, night time hits 66-67. Two AC Infinity fans 6" pulling and exhausting.
Got a few twisted leaves and a few brown and yellow spots showing on 3 of the 4 peyote wifis. Wedding cakes have a few twisted leaves but no spots. I sprayed them with Foop Foliar and it helped a bit.
Any ideas?


They look great so far. That is most likely caused from a little nutrient splash on the leaves. I wouldnt worry about it right now. If it hasnt spread or appeared anywhere else by tomorrow id chalk it up to that.


I second @Ebb! Looks good!

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Idk the peyotes had spots before my first dose of nutes. The twisted leaves are concerning me too. I know my PH is spot on FF soil is on point. I hope you are both correct and I’m being overly cautious.

When lights come on I’ll go assess and post some pics. I forgot that part, I’m running 18/6 with 3 Spider Farm LEDS.