Need help with this auto

3 fans 1 humidifier stays about 38 to 48% temp is 68 to 79 degrees. Ph my water at 5.9 to 6.3. Used distilled water mix with tap water in bucket with bubbler. Fabric pots. Switched to miracle grow from happy frog but have added extra perlitein the mix . Spider farmer fs-1000 light. 1 small exhaust fan 3 inch. Use general hydroponics nutrients wirht bio root and floralicious. Water ever few days and then a feed then water after soil is a little dry. Alot of times i use the scale method. But this is the 4 or 5th grow thats done this. Plants also seem they grow slowly

I posted this yeasterday but i think i posted on someone elses post and not sure witwitch post the comments went to. This a auto

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Which Miracle Grow product is it?
Many of them are not cannabis friendly.


I would raise the humidity up to 65 or 70 and temp to around 75-82. You dont have all 3 fans running do you? Thats alot of air for such a small plant imo.

Bring your pH up a tad. 6.6-.8 is good range for soil. The 3rd pic also appears to have some leaf minor pest damage. Those swiggly lines are indicative that a pest has been grazing on your plants

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In soil, a bit higher ph id say. 5.9 is more in the coco range. Happy growing!


What product are you using? Once upon a time i used Miracid by MG. No clue what I did or how it worked.
Bubbler? I have wondered, does it help? O2 your water?
What kind?

How old are your plants looks like too early to be using nutrients yet i would transplant back to more of a cannabis friendly soil like foxfarm happy frog. Then wait about 4 weeks and start building your feed chart.

They will grow slowly for the time been there putting there roots out once they have there roots enough they should take off and then they will slow down again and then take off

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I’d dump the miracle grow and head back to fix farms soils. Happy frog or ocean forest. Of is a tad hott but nothing crucial. Plant still grow well in it just a bit of tip burn usually at the beginning. Also the pH u r watering with is low. Shoot to water with 6.5 all the time unless u need to raise orower it to correct the soil of the plant


Humidity is way too low. You need to be in the 60%-70% range. And I’ve had horrible luck with any MG products. Plants are real slow at this stage as well. Looks like they’re overwatered as well. At this point you should be watering in a circle from the middle of the pot towards the outer part of the pot

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There 3 small fans not directly on plant. Its a 4 x 6 grow room

A month old

The bubbler is just a fish tank pump and one of those bubble making stones. Seems to good I see a brown ring at top of bucket after about 24 hrs.

General hydroponics is nutrients im using

I’ve checked for pest havent seen any and this all started when it was still very cold here when pest wasn’t moving yet


I was asking because I was considering implementing one for use with water for grow. I am using FFOS, so it is not needed for HYDRO. I was questioning (and considering trying) utilizing the bubbler into the tap water awhile it off-gasses (faster) and O2 component added to water before introduction to the grow community. Cloning may respond in the most beneficial manner. Still 50/ZIP on the cloning this year. 60degree temps may be the problem. When will summer get here, we wonder.