Need help with soil

Need help with balancing soil. About to start my grow and seeds are being germinated via the paper towel method. I have some Happy Frog and Coco perlite mix. What is the recommended percentage to mix and should I water all cups till its a runoff before planting. I am running the seeds under 3 300 watt led true wattage “345” watts in a closet I also have a mars hydro 400 watts but I don’t know if that will be to much light any and all help will be appreciated. I really dont want to screw this up.

Suggest you put the babies in a clear plastic cup so you can see the roots progress. Drainage is important.

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Did not try to plant in trays from under the eggs? I saw on some forum, quite an interesting and budgetary idea). Watch the pH level, the water should be soft enough. Adjust the light correctly. In fact, there are too many important trifles in this that determine all the further cultivation of the plant.