Need help with lighting!

New 15 plant grow. Help with lighting. I’m doing 5 gold leaf, 5 gsc, and 5 sour diesel. I’m using a soil and fertilizer mixture. I’m also using a ScrOG I’m in between using 6 t5 8 bulb lifts or go ahead and splurge and get 6 1000w hps lights. I’m not sure if it overkill my grow room is 20x15. I’ve researched everywhere and it’s almost split. Some people say that using a ScrOG would be ok with the t5s but I’ve also read that the buds won’t be as dense or produce as much. But it seems as that is the Point of a ScrOG. Is it better to do the t5s or go ahead and use HSD lights

For that big of a grow area I would personally go with LED or HID, hands down. But that’s just my opinion. I have both lol, and even T5’s, but I use my T5 fixture as supplemental side lighting in my veg tent, hung vertically.