Need help with Germination


Just received my SuperNova from Supercloset and am in the process of germinating my seeds which are gorilla glue from ILGM.

Weds, I started 10 seeds in rock wool cubes. I first put the cubes in a bucket of 5.5 pH RO filtered water. According to Supercloset and the instructions on the cubes they do not have to soak, just as long as they sink in the bucket. Other websites vary on soaking time.

After planting 10 seeds, I placed in a humidity dome on a heat mat in my closet.

On Thursday, I checked the temperature and it was 95. I backed down the heat mat dial below the marked germination zone as I felt this was too warm. It has been in the low 80s since.

Friday morning I had two sprouts which I moved under fluorescent lights. Things were going good!

Saturday, I had three more sprouted and they were moved under fluorescents.

The remaining 5 haven’t sprouted yet.

I believe the the warm heat pad may have caused the cubes to get too dry. I had read that they hold water for 5 days, so I didn’t water the cubes until today.

The seedlings that germinated Friday morning look good. One that germinated Saturday morning has a twisted stalk, Does this indicate anything? One other seedling barely poked through and now looks dead, probably got too dry?

Anyways, I am currently soaking more cubes, so I can have enough seedlings to start my grow.

Any suggestions on how to improve my success rate would be greatly appreciated.

Any chance that the ones I just watered will still pop?

BTW, the seeds are only 6 weeks old and have been stored in an airtight container with rice since I received them



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How big of a closet did you buy? A 2x4 tent is only big enough for two plants.


It is a 2 x 4 closet. My thinking was to start with about 6 plants, topping each a couple of times and Scrogging. I was thinking that more plants would give more colas.

You can fill a 2x4 scrog with 1maybe 2 plants


One plant LST’ed in a 2x4 tent.


Just a general rule to go by one plant needs a 2x2 space. Too many plants will be fighting for space.
Good luck

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There is a technique called SOG or “sea of green” where you grow lots of plants. You flower them just as soon as you can, concentrating on the main cola. It’s a quick grow, not much per plant, but lots of plants add up to decent harvest.

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Thanks, looks like I don’t need to germinate more seeds. Still would like to know what I did wrong for next time.

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Wow that looks amazing how did you veg her

If you mean how long? She was flipped at about 5/6 weeks after transplant.

Yes lol sorry that’s what I meant! Wow she’s really big for a 6 week flip! looking good!! Great training I’m gonna have to try this all plants even with training stay pretty small

That was her soon before harvest! If you can look up my journal I have her entire life there.