Need help whats should i do

I had 2 1200w king plus led lights over 9 plants the 3 in the middle are the biggest for some reason was wondering if anyone can let me no what i need to do. I just added another light of the same kind and watts


The lights that you have are likely just barely enough to flower one plant for each light.

Your plants will do OK under those lights for a while but you will need a lot more light to flower nine plants.

Edit: The manufacturer claims that this is a 235 watt light. I doubt this is true. Perhaps 125 - 150 watts would be my guess. To be certain you would need to know how much current it draws and calculate the actual power of the light.


Me too. It’s probably more on the order of 120 watts as these style of lights tend to be ~10% of the claimed output. The other problem is going to be that these style of lights use a lot of that wattage creating heat rather than light.

Poster is going to need ~200 watts per plant from Samsung LM301 series diodes. It will cost a small fortune to light that many plants though flowering. Quality lighting costs a little more than $1 per watt, so to flower 9 plants, ~1,800 watts will be needed.

The 3 lights may be capable of flowering 2 plants. Going to have to get better lighting or downsize the appetite for the number of plants.

The ones in the center most likely doing better because they are getting more light.


Hey @BigGrizz i have to ask a couple questions about your lighting.
Is this your light fixture.

Here’s a amp to watt conversion calculator

If that is you light and you are running at full capacity you should be ~ 220W each. Looks like your best distance from leaf is 14 inches.


Yeah so basically when you see a light advertised take a 0 off the end of what theyre saying and thats the actual watts. Lets go with the spider farmer sf2000, definetly not 2000 watts its actually a 200 watt light. Its all a gimick and its up to the consumer to do the leg work of what theyre actually buying.

Also dont buy the hype. Many manufacturers claim their products are the best on the market and slap exhorbant rates on their lights just because of the name attached to it. Im going to be demonized for saying this but HLG is one of these brands. Im not saying thier lights arent amazing but comparatively to some of the mid range priced no name brands that use the exact same components at half the price. There is absolutely no reason to spend upwards of 5 bucks a watt. Its a giant slap in the face to the consumer. And basically just bragging rights to say hey look at me in my corvette.

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I just got an sf7000 spider farmer light should i put the plant under that light


Yes absolutely. Thats an amazing light. Good buy


Nice choice @BigGrizz I have a couple Spider Farmer sf1000’s. I purchased them four years ago and still use them with a couple VIVOSUN VS1000’s in my 4x4 tent for for clones vegging and flowering if my 8x4 tent gets crowded.
If you got the 8ft driver extension cable utilize it for a cooler tent.

I’ve been using extension cables for a couple HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000’s in my 8x4 tent.

Along with additional deep red for morning/sunset during flowering.


Whoa, I think I’m blind.