Need help Stunted growth 4x4 tent early vegetative stage

I’ve got 5 gallon dwc buckets, 5 plants plenty of air out of pumps water temp 65-68 ph 6.2 consistently using rx green solutions grow a and b with very good well water, all plants are 4-8 inches some very bushy, been growing from seed for 8 weeks now and haven’t did much in 4 weeks, I have rockwool cubes 6x6x6 green mold on them, I don’t have a ventilation system planned on getting one by flower stage, have a 8" fan sitting inside a 4x4 tentI have 2-300 watt mars lights about 18" away just went from 1/4 strength to nearly 2.5x more nutrients yesterday according to a app rx solutions had??? I need to fix this soon hopefully they do have yellow leaves near middle layer of leaves which they had for 4 weeks now with no growth they still look healthy though will be interesting to see if they get nutrient burn in the next day or two and is anyone using rx green solutions

In Hydro you need to be 5.8ph

Will make that correction will that stunt my grow? To no growth?

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rx green solutions does have an odd recommended ph level let me see if I can find the link again for their charts?

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