Need help selecting a 3x3 tent

Hi all,

i need help selecting a 3x3 tent.

i see 36x36x72 tents ranging from $80 to $230 and they all seem the same.

off the bat obivously i want to go with the cheapest option for $80.

Now the question is: am i sacrificing anything worthwhile getting the$80 tent?


Some will have metal rods and connectors, so they have stronger support and can hold heavy lights and hoods without bending in addition to better durability. Some will come with windows you can peek into, or holders inside the tent for supplies.

Hunting around online for used tents isn’t a bad idea. A lot do people seem to grow once or twice, then move on. I just got a brand new 2x4x5 tent and three mildly used but fully functional adjustable inline duct fans for a total of 100 bucks on craigslist


Well I got one off Amazon for like $150.00 don’t recall the name. It was a kit with carbon filter and fan, I don’t like the tent it’s already showing light at some seems and zippers. So I can’t recommend getting kits off Amazon. I have heard good things about Trojan Tents though.


I would get a 600d Mylar tent with no windows and and one that comes with a removable floor cover it’s easier to take that out and clean than clean in the tent with everything in it


If I was to do it again I would save a little extra and get a gorilla tent. I will be upgrading to one this year simply because I like the features and the build quality I have seen on line

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