Need help seedling leaf issue

I am puzzled as to what is happening here. In FF Happy Frog. Distilled water with little bit of MycoTea sprinkled in. I did find this tiny moth in there on a leaf. I used BushDoctor Force Of Nature for fungus gnats and other problems. I wouldn’t think a cal/mag def yet with the HF soil. Not sure if bug problem or nutrient. I was thinking the FF HF might have had some riders come along in the soil. Is that possible? It was stored, had been opened, but folded over and held with bag clip, in garage. It is only about 4 months old, the soil. Just noticed this on one seedling yesterday and now some more. I appreciate the input and ideas!

These are ILGM Critical Mass fem photoperiod. Out of soil on 12/01

Looks like a water burn from watering or misting under the lights. Could also be where the leaves touched the soil when they were younger. I’d watch for healthy new growth.

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I think you are right with leaf burn. Makes sense. I actually, and for the life me now wonder why, misted in that tent the day before this showed up. Thank you!

Edited: I had gallon size ziplocks over them as domes but it was beading up too much and took them off last night. Maybe that caused it, no?

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Might have. If that is it then it shouldn’t be a problem. I usually cut off those lower nodes with a few more weeks of growth anyway. They otherwise look really healthy.