Need help leaf problem

Anybody recognize this problem im having ? Its hardbto tell because of the light but the leaves are crusty and turning a rusty orange color.

Try turning your lights off and taking the pic with natural light. Or just turn your flash on. 1

Is it just the upper growth that’s affected or is the lower (older) growth like that to?
How far along in flower are you? @Sammy420

Plants are new to me so sorry im a little under prepared. Seems to be pretty widespread across the plant. Flower for about 6 weeks. Just trying to save them.

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Do a slurry test of the soil or a runoff from distilled or R/O to see what the soil PH is along with the salt level (TDS). That ought to give you an idea of what is happening.

It appears to be nutrient deficiencies; nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium it looks like. But could be multiple lockouts due to incorrect soil PH.


Ph test your soil / runoff asap.

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