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I am in my 5th week of flowering I have a deep water culture system when before I change was a virus with different nutrients do I flush before I put you in nutrients inand how long one other question the directions on the booster say 9 weeks do I do it for 9 weeks without dirt in the deep water culture or the more

Yes the other question Is I got the booster :stuck_out_tongue: it says the it takes 9 weeks till harvest Is that in dirt or both. :?:

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You can change to different nutrients, and go from there.

There is no set time for flowering. You grow plant until it shows cloudy, and amber color in the trichomes

I suggest you downlaod and read our “Free Grow Bible” :slight_smile:

I have a dwc system Do I flush my girl before I put learning.ter in reservar And how long do I let it flower the booster says 9 weeks but I have a deep water culture dirt. l love this site.and thanks for all the growers out there I am still learningthank you Mr Benjamin and Claire and Mr Davis

Notr sure what you are asking. You do not need to flush a plant before placing it in a hydro system, Plants do not finish any faster in hydro than in soil.

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