Need help i cant exhaust out window need some suggestions

Thx man

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I have a skylight in my loft I vent through that

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Here’s a 6” intake fan for my 2 x 4 closet and the exhaust fan is inside


Pic please

Whats the cupper deal for ?

Heres my set up its sleep time for plants but its a loft aka my lung room


Here i have it set up outside of but but i smell the plant veg thru the filter

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I place my filter inside the tent and draw through it instead of blowing out of it. Either way works and if youre cramped for tent space not a whole lot of choice

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?? I don’t understand the question :love_you_gesture:

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This. And try remove intake fan running passive intake.


Your rez maybe ? :v:

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At the end of yoir ducting is a grey cupper i look like to me


Gotcha, that’s an inline duct fan. Inexpensive way to bring in fresh air or exhaust. Commonly used in the HVAC industry on long duct runs to boost the air flow or exhaust :love_you_gesture:

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Yeah i had to zoom in lol :laughing:

I didnt see a full pic of your set up your filter in tent but where’s your ducting located?

Yes through an inline carbon filter

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Dont understand your statement

You asked if you should vent to lung room

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I see you have one already

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