Need help got some seeds and I'm in the 3.5 week from seed

I got some white widow X big bud seeds and I been told to still stick to the 14week chart but the info about the seeds say ready to harvest in little more than 2 weeks

If you are looking for an easy, quick-to-harvest, productive, potent cannabis strain to plant, you are not going to get much easier, quicker, or more productive than the White Widow x Big Bud .

Order today and have a productive, marketable, potent yield in a little more than two months.


  • Mature height is 20-30 inches / 60-80 cm
  • Good germination rate
  • Flowers in 7 weeks
  • Ready to harvest in 9 weeks

I think you’re misunderstanding the advertisement.

I’m going to assume this is a photoperiod cultivar, and not a scotoperiod-insensitive cultivar (an autoflower). That means that the plant will have three basic stages of life between seed and harvest; seedling, vegetative, and flowering. The plant will transition from seedling to vegetative without any encouragement, provided you give >14 hours of light per day. Once you’re satisfied with the vegetative growth, you can change the light cycle to provide 12 hours of light and 12 hours of absolute darkness. That will initiate flowering.

So what the seller is say is that this plant is so vigorous you can veg it for a mere 2 weeks before flowering without causing the plant to underperform. Personally, I doubt that, and I’d veg the plant until it was a little less than half the size I wanted, knowing it will continue to grow 2-3x during flower.

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It says on the info that is feminised white widow doesn’t say it being an auto but it does say this as well

They have been bred separately as stable, hardy strains, and then bred together as a double hybrid for one of the best strains ever for indoor growers.

The plant is small and exceptionally compact, with its adult height reaching between 60 to 80 cm (20 and 30 inches), and with huge yields of resinous buds. The plants grow and flower quickly and are ready to harvest in only 9 weeks

There atm around 30cm

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Image search “Subcool outdoor monster.”

Photoperiod plants aren’t determinate; that’s to say they will grow as big as you let them in a >14 hour lights-on schedule. That breeder/seedbank isn’t giving you good info. Almost none do, TBF.

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Says ready to harvest in 9 weeks.

What was the question ?

Is it an autoflower or a photo

It says this what makes me think it is lnt an auto

Any cannabis grower wants the most return on their investment of time and money. You want the biggest possible yields of a quality product. You want it to be easy, quick to germinate, quick to flower, quick to harvest, quick to market or use. If this is what you are seeking, then look no further than the feminised White Widow x Big Bud cannabis strain.

Why are feminised cannabis seeds important? Male cannabis plants don’t produce buds. Only the female plants produce the buds that you after. Why throw away half of the plants you have labored over and have the seeds you have purchased?

There still is no question ?

What’s the question you have ?

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Is it 9 weeks and harvest from seed or when it flips to 12 12 it is not an auto but the discription says have a potent yield in less than 10 week

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8 to 10 weeks from flip to 12/12 usually.

All seed banks usually post flower time only.

So you can veg forever then flower for 8 to 10 weeks