Need help determining what my plant is

Scattered out unknown seeds from a friend. One of them looked like this…
Is it even marijuana?


If it is then it is a horrible inbred.


That honestly looks like parsley


Please please please get that one of those to go to seed!!! That is a fortune in the making. I sincerely love how this plant evolves before our eyes. That is a plant that a guerrilla grower could appreciate. Please enjoy her, may she be a she. I see a future new strain in the making.

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It looks like a tulip tree seedling.

I’m going with inbred too! :sweat_smile:

Australian Bastard Cannabis
Google it


Dont forget about freakshow


Damn Inbred Bastard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, I have gotten alot of feedback. It is a curiosity because it hasn’t fully expressed itself yet. I am leaning toward ABC also. My friend has a friend that is almost a professional level seed producer. I don’t know. I have no room to keep it. It is stealthy, so I might keep it outdoors at my sister’s. Attached, updated foto.

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I like the way you talk. But is it Cannabis? What do you think? It is growing super fast.
Updated foto…

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similar, but Not close enough in shape.

you are right. it is very similar, except for the newer leaves have that saw blade ridges.

Honestly, this is growing at an amazing rate. Look whats coming out of it now. :hear_no_evil:

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Mutant pistils? :scream_cat:

There is a plant called a Balloon Vine that looks like that plant.
It has shoots that are similar that will blossom. Perhaps that’s what that is.
I’m hoping for cannabis because that would be so cool, but the new shoot is not really cannabis like. Bastard cannabis actually still produces buds similar to normal cannabis.

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I NEVER heard of Aus Bastard Cannabis (ABC for short, and this is a note to self). Pardon my slight deviation from the OP’s topic, but is ABC a strain that can be crossed with cannabis true? To come back to the topic at hand, may God find your strange and imagination-inducing plant worthy of your (our) hopes that it IS a cannabis. Btw, does she have an odor/aroma yet???

This looks dead on, btw, the balloon vine that is…
Heres a question i really should’ve asked: what did the seed look like?? Do you have a photo of that?

thanks for solving this. It looks just like my plant. Strange where it came from, all the other seeds in that bottle were marijuana. You explained that well…

spiney_norman nailed it.