Need help buying equipment

I have a 3’x3’x72" grow room with ventilation and a 5W ,300W LED grow light. I plan to grow Chronic Widow and Green Crack. What size fabric grow bags (1, 3 or 5 gal) should I purchase and how many plants would you suggest I plan on cultivating at a time in this space?

2 maybe 3 plants depending on how big you want them, and you’ll need 35-50 Watts per sq ft so maybe invest in a 600 watt led and that would be perfect

2 square feet per plant. So I would say no more than 4 plants. If you are going to be growin feminized seeds then I would say no smaller than 5 gallon, for auto flowers no smaller than 3 gallon, but if it is your first grow I would say no more than 2

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Thank you! I will purchase the 5 gallon size and plan on three plants at a time. I’ve also read somewhere on this site that the plant does best with a different light spectrum going from the vegetative stage into the flowering stage. I’m thinking of investing in another 300 watts grow light light for that and pig-tailing the two together giving me a total of 600 watts. Does that sound like it will work?

Great… thank you! I believe both are feminized so I will plan on purchasing the 5 gallon size and limiting it to three plants per grow. I’ve also read about SCROGing… I think I’m interested in trying my hand at that too

I was thinking a 600 watt to run with the 300 watt than daisy chain them together and that will work, and not a problem.

Yes thats because blue light promotes the foliar growth and is most vital for vegetative stage, the flowering stage is usually reddish orange or yellow orange, id personally go with a red orange spectrum for flower to help them fill out fuller. And reddish orange spectrum is the most vital spectrum for flowering

You can use blue lights for lowering but it has pros and cons a pro is it is said to increase potency due to the uvb rays contained in blue spectrum but the con is you will yield about 10% less then with a red orange or yellow orange spectrum


Yeah, I plan to do my next photo grow as a scrog. If you need anythin holler

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Great to know… thank you for the input… all good info!

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Thanks again… I will.

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I agree with both these guys 3 maybe 4 and i judt bought 5 gal cloth bags for my grow.
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Absolutely @Sea_Dog, if you need more help feel free to ask