Need Flushing Advice

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So, I have an ultimate kush that should be ready any time now. the problem is that i have six other girls in the same tray and all of their roots are entwined into the same piece of mat. so the problem is that if i flush one, i flush them all, yet they are all at different timeframes in their grow cycle (all still in flower though). I’m worried that if i try to cut out the square my grodan block is on it could severely damage the roots and then might end up leading to necrosis causing a flush to be a waste of time. and become a waste of medicine. yet if i dont flush it could leave me with and undesirable product and possibly make my chronic migraines worse as a result. any ideas?

There is a debate about flushing some do some don’t. I’m using soil and i flush. People forget that every time a big rain comes through like a 8 inch rain it’s just like flushing. I have 525 acres that i farm. This will not hurt your plants if you do it even a couple times corn and wheat grow just fine even after 3 days of big rain storms.

I’ve been in your situation before. I took the pot/plant out and placed in a 5 gallon pail and flushed it there, not in the grow area.

i grow indoor hydro, so they respond realllly quickly to changes in nutes. like i did a two day flush and had to remove some leaves that went deficient in that short time. ive never flushed but that was when i had ample time and ample supply and avenues of supply to do as long of a cure as i wanted.

that was my first thought but as stated i let my roots colonize a mat. so they all basically share the same root platform. and im afraid if i cut it out i could damage the main tap root, and idk what that would do to it.

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It’s okay to flush everything like you did before my friend has a 40 gallon resavior that he will flush with a avent like sledgehammer