Need feed back on my second grow

First let me start with my grow is: Super Skunk Autoflower. I am in week # 7, 2 weeks into flower. My grow medium is FFOF in 5 gallon Smart Pots. My lighting is 2 600w Maygrow LEDs. with additional 3 60w Feit Grow Bulbs placed 24 inchs above plants. I am on a 18 on and 6 off light schedule. I am using FF Big 3 ( TB,GB And BB ) I am having to water everyday. I feed nutes half the recommended strength , 2 times a week with Flowers Kiss 1 times a week. This is a closet grow and I know space is tight.

This is my question even with watering everyday with good run off. My plants start to wilt everyday about at the 14 hour. They perk back up after a couple of hours. My concern is with them doing this is this stressing the plants and will it result in lower total yields.
Thanks in advance

Looks good. I don’t think I would worry about leaves dropping abit then back up. they need to rest sometimes too. In my opinion it makes then stronger.

Is it an hour or 2 before lights out that they do this?
If so , there getting ready for bed… :wink:



Yes, about 4 hours before lights go out. I have been watering them when the leaves start drooping. That is giving them 4 hours before lights go out. When the lights go back on , after a couple of hours they start to perk up.

@jshake you should only water when you stick your finger into the soil and it’s dry at second knuckle.
They do get wilty right before lights out, they’re getting ready for lights out. They don’t need water when they appear this way.
If you take a look on YouTube, and search for time lapse cannabis you’ll see the same effect, the plants will droop right before lights out.
Happy growing.