Need experienced help with Uv. And ir kind 330w light questions!

I have a kind 330w uv n ir seoerate channel grow light. My plants are now almost 6 weeks old. 12 inches tall from top of soil. and thiick. The leaves i trimmed were big as my hand already. I was told thier uktra bomb cookie by my friend. But the question is.

I have a 3x3 soundcloud ac infinity tent. 6 feet tall

I see ir can increase growth. Stretching. Will that cause my planta to go beyond 4 feet if introduced as they re ommend. At 25 perent week 1. 50 week 2 etc til week 4 at 100? I woukd like a final product no taller than 4 feet due to light n fan need. Pls give advice if have experience.

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Plant training is a more reliable method of controlling height than guessing how they react to light spectrum


Yes i used lst for my clone tent. Nut wanted a trophy bud so i kept some seed plants untouched. Not really asking about a plants normal stretch. Why i flipped at a foot. Even if grew 3 feet taller during normal stretch. ( which is 300 percent bigger which idoubt ) i have room. But im wondering if anyone who USES uv and ir in budding if it adds and extends stretch or not ?

Hey @Jestertz some of those spectrums with my grows last winter. I saw no significant stretching past what I normally see.

I also have 2 x 480w

But if your looking here’s the newest model.

As long as you have a significant amount of the Blue spectrum your plants shouldn’t stretch so much.
I run my deed/far red for 30 minutes in the morning during lights on and 30 minutes in the evening at lights off.
The UV is on for 4 hours during midday.

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Awesome. Ty. That’s what I was wondering. Add on question. The kind 330w says to run thiers on lower oercentages til 4th week than 100 percent but for full 12 hrs. Is that good ?

Yep, that sounds right to me. Just watch your plants they should be strong enough to handle the full 100% by week 4.
Here’s some specs on your light

I let my plants grow up to 6-12 inches of my lights that are 480w.
Here’s some reference on your 330w Kind light.

I use DWC hydroponics so my plants don’t see the big light until about week 2.
I start then under a 1’x1’ 100w far red led after germination.

Then they go up to the dial 4’ fluorescent lights until 3-4 inch seedlings. Here are some clones of those two mothers, I didn’t capture seedling stages.

Then by week 6 they are more than ready for 100% light from my 480w lights.

Week 2 60%

Week 6

Week 10

Week 12

Week 15

Because I use DWC and change out water in buckets every two week I didn’t use a trellis just some low stress training. I would recommend using a trellis if you can.

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