Need aMother plants

Good afternoon all,
Am rather confused regarding ‘mother plants’. From reading posts here I would appreciate how to select a suitable plant, when to select and how to treat it.
I am wanting to gather some seeds. A couple of months ago, my first ‘crop’ actually, had one plant survive but it seems it was 'got at’s by a hermies. I did not see the seeds, it had very good buds.
When drying just shook it and away they came. A friend tells me that is not how it should be and in fact have had no such experience since. Did I have a ‘sex confused’ plant? I used it to make medicinal butter for myself.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Mother plants are selected by growing as much as you can and seeing which grows best.

There’s a few variables that come into play

  • node spacing
  • coloring
  • flower density
  • resistance to mold / pest
  • overall time of finished product

Once you grow a bunch of plants , clone them. Then you can either flower the seed (s1) or your clone (c1). Once you’ve got an idea of which your going to keep you can now destroy the others…compost pile works well.

Keep the mother in a small 2 gal pot and trim her like a small hedge. Clone from this plant to know you’ll only continue to produce the same product.

I’d start with 1 strain and work from there

Labeling everything to know where it came from will be a huge help, remember you can only do this with photo period plants


Thanks PfarmerBob, I read your reply several times but am still rather bedazzled. Can you clarify the variances distance between nodes etc in your post with suggestion of suitable answers please, for a ‘yardstick’ to follow?
From my short experience, observations tell me thin, whisky plants which I assume are Indicas, are more prone to be ‘hermies’ than, wider forming Sativas, which seem to be best producers?
I am growing outdoors in a greenhouse, with modification to clear ceilings to allow more natural light. I Use a 3 tier nutrient system over a 14-16 week cycle, given to me by an experienced relative grower. My returns have been modest. Many stunted growths, best result a Sativa 3oz one plant.
We have made many mistakes along the way, but I am determined to ‘master’ it. I failed to put adequate ‘road gravel’ as a base and many pots grew ‘heavy compacted soil’ which l believe is the reason for smaller plants from weak root growth. I also believe I am being too kind with nutrients. Should I reduce them and intersperse with water?

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Perpetual grows. There are several ways to accomplish this, with a mom plant being the one with the most return.

I start my mom plant from a clone of a good strain.

I then start pinning the plant down.

They will become lovely bushes which will throw out a few dozen clones a week

You can forego the mom by just taking few clones, then raising those and take clones from those. Just repeat that over and over. I haven’t planted a White Widow seed since last year.


Node spacing should try and be kept between three quarters of an inch and and inch and a quarter ish at most on veg. This keeps everything a bit tighter so when the buds form and grow they grow together to become one big cola if spacing is too far apart it will become a bunch of smaller buds and not colas

Thank you both for this great infotmation

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