Need advise plants getting brown & haven’t grown in 2 weeks

![image|666x500] (upload://ls4UyaBhX1v73ezyhdfgBmqe2rZ.jpeg) My white widow plants were doing very well until a couple of weeks ago. Then all of sudden they started turning brown on the ends of the leaves & have stopped growing altogether! I had a grow mentor that helped me out immensely, but he had to step back for personal reasons. I’m afraid that I’ll lose this whole grow, my first to make it beyond seedling stage. They all have buds even tho they aren’t very big, which I’m assuming is a good thing. Maybe calcium deficiency? The soil ph is a hair under 7. Any help would be appreciated.

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Here is a Support Ticket. Please fill this out and be as complete as possible. In particular, WHAT soil, WHAT water, WHAT method used to measure PH, WHAT nutes if any. Gotta have more info to help you properly.


I would also like to see support ticket. Just wanted to point out that your plants look like they’re flowering. They will pretty much be done growing.

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I used a mix of miracle grow soil & a organic potting soil, softened water & reverse osmosis kinda going back & forth between the two. I got a 3 way soil meter which measures moisture content of soil/light meter & ph meter. I haven’t used any nutes in probably 2 weeks.

Thank you for your help.

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So first: ditch the 3-way meter: worthless.

The most used tool I have is my PH meter. I use this one:

Miracle grow soil and nutes is not the best choice. Good news is you can use better soil when you pot up (they should be re-potted soon).

Pots appear to be wet. That could be you just watered but be cautious of over-watering. That will kill a plant.

My advice is to repot into FFOF and stay away from any nutes until the plant shows signs of deficiency. Use fabric pots, 5 or 7 gallon will work.


Totally agree with @Myfriendis410 also some GNATROL BTI Fungus Gnat Control just incase you have some Fungus gnat larvae chewing your roots., you can get it off ebay @Bouvierlover


@Myfriendis410, thank you for the advise. I will get the ph meter that you show. Also some of that soil. Yes I just watered them this morning. It’s ok to repot when they have buds on them? I just don’t know enough is why I’m asking.


Thanks @Hungrybud, I will get some of that.

@dbrn32, I didn’t know that they quit growing when they started flowering. Good info. Thanks.

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It’s early enough that I think it would be good to get them re-potted. They will not get much bigger but a little more room with good soil will help.

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