Need a quick N boost

Every time I grow this Sour D (this is the third time from the same clone line) it gets to a point where it gets moody and needs a hard shot of Nitrogen to make it happy. This has worked great the last two times I’ve done it.

In the past I use a hot dose of Fish Emulsion and that does ok. Anybody got a recommendation for something else worth trying to give it a quick boost of N?

I’m growing outdoors in Coast Of Maine Stonington Blend. Feeding molasses and kelp weekly.

Most grow nutrients have a lot of N
You’ll get plenty of ideas here!

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I would add blood meal to my soil mixes. However, I would use water insoluble kind like Down to Earth. In your case you want the soluble kind. It is far less common. I came up with this one offered by concentratesnw dot com

I thought of this one. I use Raw’s yucca


Also a CoM soil grower, I had same problem last year, plants were like a lime neon green color, the CoM lobster meal cured the problem, I used 1/3 cup per plant (5-7 gallon) scratched in and watered, they were back to a healthy green in a few days