Need a new PPM pen

I just used it two days ago. Who knows maybe I left it on. And somebody else just mentioned that is a different PPM pen. Maybe I’ll go with the one you got. Like I said mine fluctuated anyways. Straight out of box it was plus 44

LOL. I just posted maybe I left it on. But I’m pretty sure that turns off doesn’t it.

look at Bobby’s last post, sorry for buttin in.

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That he has the same one?

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Well, looks like yours is the newer version (2.0). This is mine. Can’t seem to find the exact one on Amazon anymore

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I will stop by the store tomorrow and get a new battery maybe that’s the problem. If not I’m going to look for you the old version :slight_smile: and I guess I need to slow down on the replies as somebody else has mentioned I missed a message. Sorry

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Most of them are all the exact same meter. Just company’s put their own logo on it. Much like the cheap Amazon lights, fans, etc. Same exact hardware, just branded with a different name.

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You might be able to change the battery. Just have to take it apart. Hopefully the battery isn’t soldered in. Unless you have solder ready to go then you’re all set.

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good thing with this the battery is replaceable

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Oh damn! Look at that!

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If you have a multimeter you can test the voltage on that battery. If it’s under 3v then that’s likely the issue.

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Duh. Lol. I’m normally a pretty fart smeller I mean smart Feller. At least average. LOL. I’m just sitting here watching Swamp People taking bong hits my son’s at his mom’s house and not even thinking about testing that battery. Thank you so much for reminding me I can do that. And I did. And it is dead. LOL. I must have left it on 2 days ago. Stoners what do we do with ourselves. Oh I know smoke another Bowl. So I will be off to the dollar store tomorrow to get some batteries. Thanks again for your time I greatly appreciate it.


Anybody got any feeling about this set? It’s like someone mentioned above - they all literally look like the same product with different names on them.

I had the same issue, battery in mine was like 8 years old lol, swapped for new lr44 battery and it worked great again.

Should’ve read whole thread before i posted. Just excited I knew the answer.

Cheap pens fail quickly. I suggest you look through the buyer’s fuide for legitimate ideas on what you need.

Are you using hydro, soil, or soil-less?

These super chesp pens never lasted for me. spend an extra 30-40 bucks and get a Milwaukee or Apera model

I have one of these

I had one of these for a longtime

This is just PH, if you want to go the seperate pen route

I owuld try and find the multi-meter because, all electrodes die eventually, even with proper care (very important), wear out, and the MW801/802 has a replacable electrode. I also had an older model SM802 of the Multi-meter that was line green colored.

*Here is the replacement electroe for MW801/802

*This replacement electrode does not work for the old SM801/802 models.

Here are a couple Apera models

I’m gonna b totally honest with u. I’m making video with mine soon but look up the grow tent or welcome to grow tent. I got one it was 79. Bucks but it’s worth every penny. I get my ppm my ph. All in one very simple to read. I had them green one up there n no I don’t think there correct all the time

Not very accurate. See my post

Yeah - it was total crap!
I ended up getting the Apera PH60.
More expensive - but I let my credit card miles pay for it! LOL! Thanks Capitalism One!!
But well worth it!
Learn from my mistake people - DON’T skimp on the pen!!

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