Nearing Harvest...How much amber do I need to see?

First grow
Bubblegum auto flower
Today starts week 10 since popping thru the soil.

How much amber should I be seeing when it is time to harvest? There is a little bit of amber in there.

Here are some attempts of photos thru the jewelers loupe


You are going to need more magnification than that, and FYI you should be looking at flower calyx and not sugar leaves which mature more quickly.


Still trying figure everything out. Thanks


What kind of high do you like? That’s a you thing and determines when you should take her down. Watch carefully. This is the best part.

@JasonMac I was recently asking myself the same question but some other people on the forms helped me out. You want to check the main bud portions while looking. Once you see about 20% amber you’re ready to cut her down. Check multiple colas and spots.

Here is my wwa that I’m going to chop tomorrow morning! I’d say around %20 are amber? The more amber you see the more couch lock effect you will feel.



From those pics I would say she needs more time. I’m not seeing any amber pretty sure those are red hairs but I’m stoned so… it’s cloudy clear to me. :crazy_face:

That’s why I’m waiting till tomorrow when my jewelers loupe comes on the mail to make sure

I think you will be waiting to chop her, imho. Again it’s what you like if you want head high def pluck her tomorrow.

@Kevfrmthestl I was considering leaving her in the garden today… upon close inspection of my plant I found lots of bud rot forming All over my plants temps outside have been 90degrees+ with 70-85% humidity. After seeing that I decided today was the day no point in risking what I got to get destroyed by next week’s forecast of 80+ humidity… sad to see the plant go down early but I was seeing amber and Only had to toss about 2 ounces of wet mass that was rotting. The plant was definitely over 2 pounds wet.

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@Riley_ss Yeah don’t risk it. It was apparently super hot here today. Mine looked great this am then had some leaves fry apparently this afternoon. Same temps as yesterday and the soil is wet. It’s a s show.

That is a good haul. Be proud you did well.

Show us what you are calling bud rot please?

Yep I can see some cruddy spots for sure. No biggie! You still have a bunch of crud free weed right?

Yessir. All getting turned into keif and rosin😁 decided to go big my first time and pick up sift screens and a press