Nearing harvest and now brown tips and edges on the largest Cola

I am very nervous since killing my other plant from to high a nutrient watering. This latest plant has been doing so well until discovering some brown tips and sides on some leafs affecting only one cola.
This ia a GSC Extreme and I believe about 3 weeks from harvest.

Happy Frog medium
600 W LED at 14" to 18" distance
Room Temp 64F to 78F with air circulation
Ph averages 6.8 to 7.1
About 10 days ago I thinned the Fan leafs and then 2 days ago I defoliated all or most of the remaining fan leaves and Fertilized “lightly” as well as plain water at room temp.
After I saw the leafs I flushed the pot thinking it could have become to hot a fertilizer even though it was maybe 20%.
I’m very concerned and don’t want to lose this plant so close to being done.
What other info can you use to help?
Desperate in the midwest!

What was the PPM of said nutrient solution?
It looks like nutrient burn, and you already flushed, so you should be alright. That leaf won’t recover. @Wayne1956

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Thank you Covert. This was my conclusion but its always a relief to hear from the experts!
Again, Thank you

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Thanks Bubble

Its always nice to have like minded souls willing to share and help out.

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