Natural light cycle

In My area of New England September 26th is the first day of 12 hours of darkness. How close to this time does a plant typically go into Bloom (countdown to harvest begins)?

Very likely not until the solid 12 hours, a few days earlier might be close enough to get a plant working in that direction but I would start the countdown on the 26th. That is interesting, I thought this year for most of the northern hemisphere, it was technically the 25th (as far as the actual seasonal tilt of the earth goes), and we still celebrate the autumnal equinox a couple days earlier, the 23rd this year, because on the surface of the earth we experience the equinox early because of atmospheric conditions (light bending through the atmosphere, light diffusion, and other stuff that can get quite complex). Well, I would go with an agricultural calendar for your area more than anything else, and if it says the 26th, that is what I would go by growing outdoors.

I got it from the Astronomical Relations Department at the National Observatory for Boston, Massachusetts Eastern Standard Time, Duration of Darkness chart? Could not find how to attach a PDF.

Interesting, it does vary by latitude, I assume the 25th is an average then for the northern latitudes. I’m sure southern Florida and Texas would be a bit different.

So you would be looking at late November for Indica harvest - late December for Sativa harvest.

Do you have a small greenhouse that you can heat?

No greenhouse. I do have a shed with concrete foundation walls and a sun (drying) room above. Both with no heat… Come to think of it I have a stand alone heater/AC we only use only for AC and is in storage for the off-summer months in the shed. I’ll section off a 3’x5’ section away from the door. I am already wiring it to make it a Veg. Room.
Additional thought. The Bloom room should just about to be vacated when and if the temps. Require. Indoors would be a drag but doable with herniated discs joint replacement and broken improperly healed vertebrae.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together. Although it is more an adaption than a plan.

Much easier, start moving plants into light block shed.
Possible down side:
Transition in changing from natural to artificial light and back timing affects.
All help welcome and needed.

We discussed something similar here:

I,ll use all 2700K bulbs For maintaining the maintaining the 12/12 light cycle semi-outdoor shed.
Should I extend the light cycle on both ends making it 12+ (light) and 12- (dark)?

I Have:
5-bulb panel
Multiple 2’,3, and 4’ T5s
CFLS from75 watt to 300 watt

The fact that you are adapting well to issues, following advice is a positive note. I think you will do well.

Thanks Latewood! I prize my learning capabilities. Being"diagnosed End Sage" puts a rush on it. Cannabis is honestly my magic bullet in this fight.

Kentucky starts flowering end of July fist august and ends last of September and first of October.

Thanks livewire61. Has nothing to do with New England grow periods, but we now have a grow window for Kentucky. :slight_smile: