Mystery seed plant Re-veg?

Ok here’s the deal. I had a mystery seed and planted it. It is now a beautiful lady. It looks like its going to be a big producer too. I did not take any clones off of the girl. How does everyone feel about re-vegging a plant.
Any and all comments welcome!

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I have been monster cropping more often than just taking clones they become monsters.

You have a couple different options you could reveg the big plant you have which will make the plant your growing gigantic depending on the size it is now,

Or what I do is I cut clones in flower, root them then reveg them… really simple best time to take clones from a flowering plant is around week 3 but I’ve taken them successfully in the late weeks of flower just takes way longer to root.

Both options work well they just takes time, my opinion of which would be best is taking MC clones that way you can keep momma plant in flower and have your clones!

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The plant will be 3 wks into flower tomorrow. I have some lower branches that I can cut. I just recieved a hlg-100 Rspec. I have just hung it. I’ll put them under it. Damn I think I’m out of Olivia’s.
Tks for the info.

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