My white widow is looking at me

my grow 4 weeks into flower it looks like 2 little eyes on top looking at me I use CFL and a 1 kind led 300 on top has this happened to anyone else need help 6 plants in a 4x4x8 tent in soil.

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Would like to see pics

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could not post ? but here are the pictures


Hoping im wrong. Seed hulls? @garrigan62, is that what this is?

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Looks like nanners

pulled them today 4 out of 6 the tall ones look ok going to keep an eye on them thanks for the reply Oh well back to the drawing board

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I hear yeah. My anal retentive ass is checking them daily.

Swollen calyxes. Not a nanner. Watch them, this is normal for widows. Nice plants.

They look like they are starting to Foxtail . They should be good .