My white widow have crystals all over the tops whats up?

My 20 ladies of white widow are 17 days old and grown with a 1000 watt. This is my first grow of W.W and at 17 days I just noticed all this crystal all over the tops. What’s happing are they in a new stage any help would very helpful.

Thank You

I can’t see the crystals in the pictures. What is the light schedule? Are you talking about trichomes?

First up…Thank You …my ladies are on a 24/7 light schedule. I’em sorry I tried to get a closer pic but the light is to bright. Believe me the little crystals are there and I do believe that they are trichomes…but at 18 days from seedling? I just wanted to know if they were going into a new faze and if they are which I think they are, should I change there schedule like feeding every 3 days now then water and the 24/7 light schedule and I use Roberts nutrient’s The grow booster.

Thank You

Yes, some strains, especially the “white” strains, white widow and white rhino, etc. will have a high degree of trichomes develop even before flowering. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Thank you again Stoner I really wasn’t worried…just more if they were going into another faze I don’t know about…lol I have 20 W.W ladies in a 76x76 x76 grow tent…do ya think I’ll have rm for them all…first time growing this strain. When these ladies get to halfway point of flowering, I plan on doing the other 20 seed of W.W that I got from Robert.

Thank You

It is great to recognize trichome development at such an early stage. PLease keep us up to date :slight_smile:

Latewood, thank you for your reply and I will keep you up to date.


Update, a few days after talking with you foke’s I noticed on about 6 to 8 out of 20 ladies the very bottom leaves are turning yellow. Turning very light-greenish-yellow to yellow-yellow. I have been feeding them the Grow Booster every 3 days with water in-between, I did some research and I think it could be one of two things, not enough nitrogen or to much water. I’em going with to much water and have cut back every 4 days. Sunday to Wensdaay they get the Grow booster and on the following Sunday they get water. I’em hopping this will do the trick…What are your thoughts on this. I really want this grow to go with-out a hitch. I’em also using a 1000 watt hps.

Thank You

Back again, I was just out their feeding my ladies the Grow Booster and I noticed that its 20n-5p-4k I’em thinking now that maybe it is a little of both. So ie’m thinking booster twice a week and less water and see what happend’s, what do you fokes think? One thing for sure…i’em going to find out one-way or another…lol

Thanks Will

Sorry, but while I was feeding the girls I decided to trim them all back hopping this will help the plants. I trimed all the yellow leaves and the ones just turning greenish-yellow and the suckers. I know what the suckers look like. I was raised on a vegg. farm with 1,500 tomatoe plants…so I do know about growing a little…just nerver grow marijuana …lol

Ok all yours…lol

Slow down, Mate! Over watering. There is no every 2 days or every 3 days or every 4 days…It is about Watering, then letting plant uptake all nutrients and moisture until almost dry. Then you give the plants a fresh batch of nutrients.

I grow Tomatoes too; I do not prune sucker leaves unless they are more than 65% dead. Fan leaves are not as sucker leaves on a tomato plant. Fan leaves draw nutrition to the top of marijuana plant, and provides temperature balance and respiration, necessary to allow plant to survive on itself for a few days if necessary.

This really is a new learning experience for me. I will start doing what you suggested.
Thank you foke’s for being here to help us new grower’s. Just to think what would be going on without you fokes to help…lol

I am thrilled to be a part of ILGM and seeing all of you new growers succeed. :slight_smile: I love it! :smiley:

Hey there will, it’s William Ray again from middle Tenn. I know it’s been a while but I have been without a phone and computer. They both went out at about same time. I’m good now, I hope.Sorry. But I just saw your pics of those clones and they are looking good. But yea I would ease back on the watering a little and see what happens. But give it a few days for your plants to re-just. My northern light is two weeks from harvest. That’s what I love about northern lights, you can harvest every 8 to 9 weeks. And I cloned my og kush twice. With each cutting 8 days apart. The first one started showing roots about two days ago. I’m going to re-pot it tomorrow. Well I’ll stay in touch as long as everything stays working. William from: M-Tenn.

Hey Will, its William again,from middle Tenn. I got me a new tablet so now I want have to wander if my messages got sent out or not. My phone was a real piece of sh**. But any way how are those girls doing. Its been a while since I saw them, I bet they are getting rite by now. Well get back with me, I’m back in business now with my new tablet.

Hey William
I too had problems but all is good now…knock on wood…lol
Any way…ya I over watered so I took then out of there pots using my fingers got all that wet mud off the roots and placed then in clean soil with root shock and water and after 5 days or so they were back and looking good.
They are 12 to 14 inches high now so I just flipped to 12/2 I also started,

5 OGKrush…5 Northern Light and 5 Super Skunk
After 3 to 4 weeks i’ll take clones from the White Widow
Now if I time this right all 4 can veg togetter and be flipped to 12/12 when
the mothers of the white widow finish.
Then when the 4 are ready to flip i’ll clone 4 different kinds from here on out.
Well that’s the plan any way.
So how is William doing?
You harvest your Northern Light yet?

Here are the clones
Be safe Will East Tenn.

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