My Soil blends and hopefully reuse after harvest

Maybe a stupid question but…I’m using soil blend that is 30% fox farm ocean forest…30% fertilome ultimate potting mix…20% coco…and 20% earthworm castings with DTE starter mix 3-3-3 and DTE all purpose 4-6-2 from seedling to flower…my question is when I transplants to flower soil (FF ocean blend, DTE all purpose 4-6-2, DTE rose and flower mix 4-8-4…bloom booster .1-10-25), can I reuse these soil blends for another run???

As long as you do a full flush and refertilize it this is my current starter fertilizer since it has everything a plant wants in early veg(except bacteria I think some one posted a link to fish sh1t microbe sample pack over in free stuff post)

The best way to tell is to do a soil slurry test with the tds meter it will probably read low so you’ll need to add nutrients, this is why many soil growers are organic and have a big compost going. They add compost to their dirt mix until the ppm’s are back at what they want (2-4k depending on soil type).

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