My seedling looks sick. Help!

Hey guys my first time grow ; my seedling is looking sick !! Can someone tell me what the problem might be ??! Is it getting too much nutrients ??


@Dkush94 hy welcome to the community you girl is not sick is variegated mutation genetic

Trust me she go to get bigg and healthy plant


@Dkush94 what soil you grow some soil don’t need nutrients until 4 weeks

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Medium is ff ocean forest and at the bottom it natures living soil . I did sprinkle a little great white before I planted her. I think that could be why she looks like that

@Dkush94 like @Mefis said, it looks like leaf variegation. It’s normal and has nothing to do with anything you did.


As mentioned above its normal for the most part as seedlings these plants can be all types of crazy looking but majority grow just fine and will look normal within a couple weeks as they grow through the stages as far as your soil goes also I wouldn’t use any type of nutrient for the 1st few weeks of life as there is a decent amount of nutes in the soil already I would how ever use either some calmag product every watering to every other watering or you can also use Epson salts what nutrients do you already have or plan to use?


Like the others said.

Some ugly babies turn into beauty queens. It’s the “Ugly Duckling” sorta thing.


Hell yeah they definitely go through some odd phases lol

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I had two variegated mutation plants they healthy and bigg plants just look different color on seedlings and veg stage nothing more

And don’t feed you plants until 4 weeks of sprout on ff soil, I do hpff and I just feed water no more


This is a variegation mutation genetic I had one two so beautiful