My seedling fell over, is it too late to save it?

Hope this will help u out, I believe ur PH is a bit high going n, 5.5 to 6.5 PH is ideal for a soil medium. If this doesn’t do it for u, we’ll get u some help from the others here on the forum, they r always more than happy to help a fellow grower. After all we’re all here for the same reason, we like big buds, everyone loves big buds! :+1::v::alien:


Hello ILGM support ticket,
This is brilliant. : )
This in itself is information for the beginner.

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When my seedlings did this I buried the stem half way and used a Bobby pin to support her and now she’s 6ft tall :flushed:


Hi there,

I’m planting for the very first time and I’m receiving a lot of different information. I’ve planted 3 seeds around 10 days ago. One of them popped out, and today she’s around 5days old, but the same is happening with the stem. We woke up this morning and went checking on them, and it was exactly like yours. The other 2 hasn’t popped out yet, what’s making us worried.

What did you do to save this one? Did you find out what has gone wrong?

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Hey man,

It seemed to have been caused by keeping up too moist all the time. The minute the seedling comes through the soil, make sure you’re only giving it a small watering. I used a pipette for mine, and then started properly watering as they got bigger :slight_smile:


Id repot just bury the girll upto coydens lil leaves at bottom

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There are various reasons that your seedling grows stretchy or leggy.
We have a guide dedicated to preventing and fixing long, stretchy stems.