My seed popper I am trying

Been thinking of a easier way for people to pop seeds and get them a good start without over or under watering. Here’s what I got.
Pack with moist soil and close
Pop in seed that’s soaked for 24 hours just under the soil.
Screw on lid
Screw on dome.
Bottom of dome has air holes

When plant is as big as lid opening remove dome

After about a week you can remove the dirt plug and plant in forever home.

Good idea or not. Don’t know. Just a stoner doing stoner things. Lol


“Just a stoner doing stoner things” bwahahahaha great line @Painfree
So you’re kind of just experimenting with Germ methods? I quite enjoy germ’ing directly in the substrate. Obvious water risk there. Also the common paper towel/plate method. Had success there as well. Never tried the dome method personally, see many on here that do it to great success. It looks to be a strong sprout!!! Happy growing!!!



My whole grow is hilljack style :joy: