My second Grow trying a couple of different things

Hey how are you guys I like what you do this is second grow first one was 4 Short Ryders I lost one ended up harvesting three of them total cured weight 39.48 grams I was excited that was my first grow I was so proud of myself that’s medicine I grew

So I can grow consist of another for short Riders from Nirvana the last of those seeds that I’ll be growing I also have one dark devil from sweet seeds I’m germinating a budzilla seed now will keep you posted I’m really excited about that one I’m anxious to see what the colors going to be on the dark devil as well

First two photos are the dark devil 2 weeks old …and hydro with General Hydroponics nutrients… 300 watt LED… temperature is usually about 80 degrees… was about 50% humidity … PH 5.5…I’m doing 24-hour light… that may change later … last grow I did 18-6 …I want to see what 24 hours is going to get me …The 4th photo is the 4 Short Ryders

My micro grow is housed in a entertainment center I got off of Letgo for $25

300 w LED

3 PC fans
1 intake 1 output and 1 for General circulation I have bought but have not installed 1 more PC for intake and 1 more for output just haven’t installed yet

Of course it’s grown indoors some low stress training to open up the middle of the canopy

2 weeks old on the Dark Devil and 8 weeks on the 4 Short Ryders


Nice little setup…what do you do for ventilation/airflow?

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@WillyJ I’m glad you asked that question it reminded me that I needed to put my circulation fan back I did some rearranging I have 5 PC fans total one and take one output one General circulation and I have bought more PC fans but not installed one more intake and one more output PC fan since hot air rises I have the output at the highest point and the intake at the lowest


Growing plants under 24/0 photo period is a mistake. Plants need rest in order to be able to achieve proper photo synthesis. Some processes only occur in the dark. :slight_smile:


I agree with @latewood your doing no justice in using a 24 hour light cycle
As he stated certain things need the dark period for them to happen :+1:
I would switch back to a 18-6 or 16-8 my self


I didn’t know this when I started and my gals vegged under a t5 on a 24/0 schedule for about half the veg time. Half way through veg I put them under 600w HPS on a 18/6 schedule. I think I vegged a week or two too long as they’ve become beasts!

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That’s a good thing right @GreenThunder

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @latewood I guess there is such a thing as too much of a good thing …yeah I’m going to go back to 18 6… this is my second grow of the same thing… I’m going to see if I can increase my yield… and this is no matter what kind of light it is right… cuz I’m running LED just wondered if it mattered

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It doesn’t matter what type of lights
@Chefchino the plants need rest period
I’m going to try and find a link that explains the process of a plant and what happens
I believe @Aquaponic_Dumme has a utube video on it or Roberts utube page I don’t remember which one
Let me see if I can find it for you Buddy

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Indeed it is :sunglasses: