My reflector wings

OK, bought a 4 X 4 tent which came with 400 HPS and reflector and wings.
To mount the light the wings are going up like a kinda V. All pics I see reflectors are headed &. Curved downward . Walls are mylar.

Can yoy take a picture of the light and reflector?

Here ya go

Did that give ya a pic?

Is that how it came packaged?

Yep with exception of lighting mount

Now I’m not tryin to sound like an @$$, but is the light supposed to go that way or on another way? Could the light be installed on the wrong side? I don’t know why it would be in a “v” shape upside down. Have you contacted the seller or manufacturer about the issue?

I’ve contacted people I purchased from asking about this. Was supposed to come with instructions but they were left out, so we’ve painstakingly put it together.
The light mount is in two pieces and only way it fits together is a V and only way to mount light fixture is to put on bottom.
I don’t get it

Ok I was just wondering. I would wait to them to contact you an see what they say

Really think they will. That’s where I found ilgm forum and ilgm seeds on their website

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Alright, well.keep us posted on it. I can’t wrap my head around it either haha

I’ll keep you posted and many thanks for your time.

Not a problem

Those wings should be going the other way. You want them to reflect the light that is coming off the top of the bulb to be directed back down so if the v was turned the other way it would work as designed. The way you have it in the picture above is not going to redirect the light to war the floor.

/○\ <~~~should look something like this

/\ - wings
○ - bulb

Hope this helps you.


Yes he knows that it is the wrong way, he is waitin to hear back from the manufacturer to see what they say about the light. It appears that the reflector was misshapen, @Laurap knows that it isn’t right and wrote the maker and is waiting to hear back

Who cares what they say. … reverse engineer that thing and get it up and running… probably just a couple of screws and you should be good to go… that’s just me… if you’ve got the time… let them send you a new one… or… fix that sucker and get to growing… :wink:

Sorry , I’m on one… lol

:v: :sunglasses:


I’m an electrician and I agree with @peachfuzz u should be able to flip it around with a couple screws. But it should def be the other way around. Maybe take it apart and see if there is something done backwards or just “make it work”. I’d have to see some better pics to tell tho

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I’m off same mind set. It was just made improperly. We’ve turned this way & that but only way it works to attach light fixture is as pic . I wanna bend the suckers downward but hubby think it’ll get plenty of light just as it is. I’ve also looked & pick up another reflector for cheap but gotta ask y’all: if I try to do this in this manner is it possible to have success?

Once you have the light hung and turn it on. you will see the shadow of the wing on the walls and you should bend those wings so that the max light is directed towards your plants. You will definitely see a shadow once the wings are bent down. Yours look like mine except mine were not mis made. I had to bend a couple of mine last year.
Still raise a fuss with the manufactures if you can and get a wing that’s fabricated right if you can. You absolutely should not have to bend a wing like that one when t comes out of the box.

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Thanks for your reply and info. We’ve got it all hung. Contacted manufacturer but as of today no response. The way you explained​ it will help me to bend it into shape.
Worked hard to get this going so a little bending and I can be good to go.
Many thanks

Wanted to update you on reflector. Got in touch with manufacturer who sent a video. Well…Ended up using peach fuzz recommendation. Used a little knee