My raggedy B.B. auto grow

My first girl was supercroped 3 days ago and is growing fast. Pinned her down first day then again the next day after a lot of overnight growth. I have her in ff soil that I used on my first grow and have had no issues yet other than her torn leaves that were my fault from ruff handling.
I am running a 1500 watt cob. No nutes yet but I will start at next water in 2 days using ff trio. Water in at 6.5 and runoff is 6.7
My next seeds I popped 2 weeks ago with very little growth. I am thinking they are establishing roots so I will just see how they go as time goes. Hopefully they will start growing soon. I have them under a 600 watt led for now. Trying a 2 in 1 grow in a 5 gallon pot.
I am amazed at how my supercroped girl has taken off and the growth sites have all turned up already.


looking good

Another day another pic. 3 weeks old ant starting to show pistols already. No food or water today. Just a picture.

thats just preflower continue to give veg nutes

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Another day and a lot of growth. Still cupping so I raised the light. Hope it helps. Decided to put the scog up to get this girl to spread out.

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Been 2 days with a good bit of growth
. About time to retuck and keep this girl spreading out on the screen.

My 2 that were not growing finally took off and my 3 leaf bb auto if filling in fast

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