My ppm’s went too high i think

I put this in my journal but I don’t think anyone is seeing it or just don’t know what to think. Sorry if it’s a double post

I’ve been checking ph regularly going in and every other feeding along w ppm every other feed.

Soooo… today was time to check ppm runoff but things came up in life and I had to have my son water, with jack’s I mixed, but he didn’t check runoff. I told him not to worry. I check the ph everytime, it’s 6.4 with jack’s 321 its 6.7 with mkp recipe. I ph’d straight water during veg to 6.5.

Every thing was going ok, might have had some light burn… but have recovered from that and was increasing intensity gradually. Yesterday it (sf4000) was at 70%… but a couple stretched pretty bad so they’re probably too close. Will supercrop when recovered

I flushed all 4, brought ppm’s down from 2200-2600 to under 1000, straightened out ph and added recharge

On 3 of the plants, ph wasn’t bad 5.9-6.2 (in HF) But one had runoff ph at 3.2… im calling it a fluke… but I did watch it rise with every ph’d 1/2 gallon of water I added. Weird. All had high ppm

Only one wasn’t water today, it’s ppm before feeding was 1150ish so it got straight ph’d water and recharge

One other thing, today I switched from 2,2,2,1.2 (mkp) to regular jack’s 3 2 1

Got my fingers crossed


Ur ppm should be around 950 early flower snd mid flower it should be 1100-1200

Nitrogen toxicity. Not all your plants are as bad as the first - clawing downward and dark green almost waxy leaves.

It’s not your PPMs it’s just the make-up of your PPMs. Since you’re off the “MKP boost” schedule now, you should be fine. I’d back off the Part B (cal nitrate) for the next few weeks and let them normalize again.

Soil is different than coco as far as runoff goes. Your plant will eat both what’s in the soil and what’s in the water - your runoff PPMs will almost necessarily be higher than the PPMs of what you’re feeding the plant.

For runoff in soil, I was told to start stressing when my PPMs are higher than 4000. Anything below that is all Cherry. Unless your leaf tips tell you a different story - but your plants look pretty darn happy. They look like they may be just waking up and a little overloaded on nitrogen, but not to the point that I’d stress out about it.

PS you can always tag us into your journal when you have issues. I know myself (@graysin) @Mr_Wormwood @Lacewing @Covertgrower @Nicky @SilvaBack203 and others I’m not thinking of are all happy to take a peek and see what’s going on if you @ us in the post in question.


How long since flush? Mine look like that after flushing. Usually lasts like a day or two.


I was kinda thinking that but thought everything was high and it was overload. It’s weird how they were affected differently. One GG is much lighter green than others, especially top 1/3. But no burnt tips so far

I figured my HF soil was shot at 6 weeks and was just living off my nutes. Im still figuring out the readings and sampling process. My meter is cheap and it seems like a lot of variables in runoff sampling im getting a new meter soon

Cool, im thinking 3.6/2/1.2… Normally I would give the 2.4g of cal nitrate

Thanks that feels good. A little more frustrated than stressed. It’s not like I’m out of weed :rofl::rofl: I’ve been learning alot and thought I had it this grow hahaha…not.

I did flush them all to under 1000ppms or so… Hopefully they snap back and dry up fast so I can give new nutes. Ineed to supercrop 3 of them that stretched. They’re about 10" away from the light. Not sure when I should do that now. I did have intensity up to 70% (I struggle :laughing:) but turned it down to 55% to reduce as much stress as possible. I’d like to turn it back up soon

I know, I just hate to make someone feel obligated. I’ve taken up alot of people’s time already and I know people are busy. Figure if someone sees it and has the time and knowledge they’ll help.

Thanks, I appreciate the help. You guys are awesome


the pics are moments after flush. They looked like this before flushing for sure. I’ll get some more pics today. I checked earlier, but lights just came on and yeah they were pretty droopy. Im hoping they perk up


Just do it. grab some pliers, bend savagely and don’t look back. :laughing:

I’m not shy about saying I’m busy. Always happy to answer if I have time or the answer. More often than not I don’t have the answer but I have time to tag in someone who does.

We are all here willingly and help happily. I promise. You can always tag me :wink:


Thanks @Graysin you should be a therapist :rofl:

:flushed: im on it :rofl:

here they are as of 15 minutes ago. I think they look a little better than yesterday, definitely better 6hrs ago

Don’t pay attention to color, they’re not that close really


I think grayson here has you covered with the ppm and ph and what not. ( i never check my runoff now with jacks) its just chasing and i dont seem to have any issues always 1050-1100ppm IN. I up the part A during flower to 4g per. On another note. The recharge is going to make the N more available to the plant and temporarily drive up your EC/ppm so keep that in mind if you are having nitrogen issues. I would also like to remind that the part b is also your calcium so this late in flower and less cal you might see some deficiencies start from backing off the part B, but you gotta do what you gotta do with how that plant looks. If you are having light intensity issues best to back them off for recovery maybe?

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Oh yeah, I agree 100% with you after seeing those monsters. Supercropping time!

This is why I still have a bottle of CalMag on hand. Technically don’t need it but it sure makes me feel better to have backup calcium.

Sorry I’m all outta likes for now


Yea I was gunna say I still have some cal mag from last year on hand from before I switched over to jacks. I wonder how long it stays good or if I should toss it?

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Idk, I think most synthetic nutes are good for pretty much ever. It’s just stuff dissolved in water. Microbes and other stuff like that have a shelf life because they’re alive. IMO expirey dates on things like … dissolved calcium don’t make a lick of sense.


Yeah, I think he does. I get conflicting thoughts on runoff :laughing:. If I had checked it and saw where it was I wouldn’t have fertilized. I also use that to determine when i can start adding nutes to HF. Sometimes i do slurry test but I hate digging around in dirt this late

Yikes… I always add after problems, or stress. I figured if microbes were already there im feeding them, if they’re gone, im adding new ones. I thought I had probably caused lockout and thought recharge would help. Good thing is so far they don’t look worse. I’ll keep that in mind

That’s my plan, but I don’t think it’s the same stress as before. This time it just felt like maybe added stress to other issues. I turned it down to 55. Hopefully can get it turned back up

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Interesting. I kept some of my old fox farms nutes on hand thinking i Might give them away as they were so expensive but ended up tossing them. I mean the FF were ok and was a good learning experience but i never want to go back to that. I can mix up a 55 gallon drum in under 30 minutes and be good to go although i only do 27.5 now at a time as it just doesnt keep well for more than two day imo. i still have a tub of beastie bloomz and cha ching sitting here with just a few spoon fulls out of it for who knows what reason,. many because they cost a fortune lol.

I have it, but it hasn’t worked great for me when I’ve used it. Probably just wrong diagnosis :laughing:

Done, thanks :smiley:

do you guys have auto ph units or something? Or do just keep checking daily because I would think it would drift all over. My tap water is 7.3 After I declorinate it, it rises to 8.5 I ph it down to 6.5 but if I leave the cap off or in a bucket it climbs

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So my tap is around 150-175ppm. and around 7.5 last time i checked ppm. maybe… I was doing RO but the waste was huge and i dont pay for the water here so i knocked it off after the first R/o run. I run the water through an RV filter to take out some chlorine and whatever else it will pick up.
I start adding water to my barrel then add my silica blast. (i’m in promix hp) I then ph that down to into the mid 5s(i guess, i just eye ball it now) before adding the part A and epsom as the silica drives up the ph and I don’t want any fallout when i mix it in. You can get fallout from your ph being above 7 so i try and avoid that.

I then add my part A epsom to a 5 gallon bucket and mix it till it pretty much dissolves all the way. ( a couple minutes). There is almost always a little left not dissolved in the bottom so i am careful when i pour my bucket in that it doesnt flow out and stays in the bottom. I was crunching it up and mixing it but that just seemed like a waste of time for the amount not dissolved.

I then repeat the process with the part b.Part B disolves fast (bucket mix. pour in) when my barrel is full my ph comes out to around 6.7 depending on how much i ph down the silica. lately i have been adding more ph down to the silica and coming in around 6.3…

I then ph the rest of the mix down to 5.8-6

I just use my apera meters for ph and my bluelabs truncheon for EC/PPM. love the truncheon by the way.

I get a little drift depending on how warm the grow room is after a day or so. Part of the reason I am not mixing a full 55 gallons now and doing half. But rarely see it above 6-6.1 water was getting cloudy after 2 days even with an impeller mixing so until i figure that no more full loads. Dumping 25- 30 gallons of mix really sucks.
I also hand water my plants with a regular watering can i dip and pour from. Some day i hope to get some automation but i just don’t want to add the headache right now and this is working out but makes me kind of a slave to the routine. But thats the life we chose.