My plants have not broken surface

I have 9 newly popped seeds that i popped 10 days ago and put in coco. I used a chopstick to make a hole deep enough to leave the seedling about a cm below the surface. Then i brushed coco over the top just enough to cover it. Then lightly sprayed with ro water enough to keep the coco moist. No nutes and 18 hours of light at 20 inches at 20% on my sf4000 . Not popping through yet. Any suggestions? I have a dome on them as well.

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That’s a good bit of time for none of them to have surfaced. I see you’re misting the surface, did you dampen the coco fully when dropping the seeds. They don’t need lighting to break ground by the way :love_you_gesture:


10 days is a long time I would carefully dig one out and see what’s going on

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Yes i pre moistened the coco and watered around the seedling as not to compact the coco on top

Ill give it a few more days and then try this

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I agree that 10 days is a long time for all 9 to have failed. Something is not well here. My average for a cracked seed to pop from soil/coco is 2 maybe 3 days. After 5 i check to see what happened and typically find the seed dead. Bacterial contamination, extreme heat, broken tails (sometimes a root sticks to the paper towel and will break), or drowning which is very hard to do with coco all are common ways seeds die. I seem to have better luck with sprouting seeds in a light promix media and then transplanting the seedling into the coco. If the seeds had cracked and showed a root no matter how small then something happened during or after planting. All 9 failing has to be an environmental cause.


Thank you… I didnt use paper towels to germinate… i used glasses of water. But you may be right

Starting seedlings in coco can be difficult and requires extreme care. Coco for cannabis has a tutorial on starting seedlings in coco. Start here

If that sounds like a lot of work you can do what I do, start in a cup of soil and transplant to coco. The tiny bit of soil in a big pot of coco will cause no issues.

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Awesome… this is my 3rd grow and first 2 were smooth only minor issues. But this time not so smooth start. Ill pop more beans and try what you reccommend… Do u reccommend jiffy pots? Thanks Btw

Jiffy pots can be used, but they don’t decompose fast enough for a cannabis grow so they typically aren’t used by the experienced growers on this forum. Don’t fret if you have seedlings started in peat pots, you can cut the bottom off before transplanting.

Did you ever dig down to see if any of your seeds might still be viable? If so you can plant them in soil or seed starter.

I am gone 5 days a week so I had to come up with a low maintenance system for starting seedling. I start in small plastic pot (or cup) filled 1/2 with soil and topped off with seed starter. The seed starter doesn’t hold moisture so it’s hard to overwater, and the soil holds moisture so the seed starter has a constant source of moisture. I wet the soil to get run off, plant germinated seed, and cover with a humidity dome (with small vents).

I havent vhecked yet but they were already sprouts when put into soil. Im at work until tomorrow do ill check then.

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