My plants are puney this year

This is my 4th season growing. I’ve been successful in the past years, but this year they are not doing great. Any suggestions? TIA…

Are you using nutrients if so what kind are u in soil or coco need name also seems to be some kind kind of deficiency what size is grow room pots etc

Looks like heat stress and a watering issue :thinking:

I use fox farm nutrients… I used a different one until ff came in. I think it had to much nitrogen in it for the growth stage. I have tried to flush it… they grow in a greenhouse outside. I’m not sure what size the pot is, but they are the same pots I have used for 4 years… I’m hoping if the flush worked and I let them dry out they will recover…

Sounds like you’re fixing the issue :sunglasses::+1:t2:…don’t hesitate to tag me with questions and concerns…if we can’t figure it out I know a few that can definitely help ya

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Thank you… I’m glad to know I’m on the right track. I will for sure.

If you don’t visibly see results of your change (like you basically just said is why they’re lookin puney cause of the nute change)…then most definitely the plants will let ya know…there’s a lot of people here with loads of helpful info…we’ll get ya straightened out :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

Fabric pots
More soil (for the roots)

That’s all I’ve got.

Yeah, I did add more soil… here’s hoping

They look very hungry, either not getting enough nutes or have ph lockout preventing uptake of the nutes. They look like they need to be fed rather than flushed. Any idea of the runoff ph and ppm?

No I don’t. I have never checked it. I thought they were starving too… but when I feed them they turn super yellow. Thanks for the thoughts…