My plants are falling

Can anyone please help my plants are falling and have no idea the way I’m new at growing and will appreciate any information my growing medium is pro-mix hp and my pH is 6.2

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They’re really stretching, which is usually a sign of too little light. How far away is that fluorescent? How many bulbs are in there?

What’s your plant for veg and flower in terms of lighting?


@jayvelo86; Like KeystoneCops said lights are high lower them

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Thanks man

Nice set-up got the gauges to track your temps and such I still need to get those.

I use an agrobrite 4’ 8bulb t5 to start my ladies, at that stage I use only 4/8 bulbs at about 13” above tops of plants.
As for the leggy ladies you have, you can use shush kabob sticks and some plant wire to hold them up until it’s time to transplant. Once it’s time to, you can plant them deeper in the soil so the soil is just below the bottom leaves. Also a oscillating fan gently wiggling the leaves will help strengthen the stems.

Im using t5 rigth now

but a have my veg room with this phantom​:point_down::point_down:


That’s my veg and flower set up :point_down::point_down:


I use t5 tubes to sprout 1000s of vegetable plants each spring on my farm. Mine put off little to no heat, I find anything above 4" from plants cause stretch. Keep them in that range and all should be good. As stated above, you may have to support them until pot up.

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I use a T5 2 ft HO 4 bulb for germinating my seeds about 4 to 6 inches above my solo cups.

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