My plant needs help

So I found this little guy in a shrub yesterday, totally abandoned (it has apparently been growing outside in cold weather), and it made me sad to see how bad it looked. So I decided to take it home and put it in a pot

It looks really bad, and I have never taken care of one before, so I am just looking for hints on how to help it recover (if it is even possible)

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First welcome to the community ! You’re at the right place lot of Growers here that can help you to have a successful grow. I will start off by saying buy you some good organic cannabis friendly soil,an seeds with good genetics which ILGM can help you with. Personally I would drop new seeds and start fresh and ask a lot of questions. I really don’t know if your plant can bounce back . Again welcome and good luck

Thanks :slight_smile: but I was still wondering if I could be able to save this one but I just have no idea how

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All you can do is try , I just don’t know if it’s worth your time if you’re planning on it producing anyting. Let’s be honest with ourself it looks pretty bad. :+1::v:

Well I can’t argue with that, but do you have any tips I can try atleast?

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I see the leafs starting to turn black looks like it might have been frosted on. Let me tag @Oldguy he may have tips on a bounce-back.

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Sorry bud. It’s not worth the effort.

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Doesnt have to be worth it, the question is: Is it possible? Will it ever be able to make seeds?

You need a male and female to make seeds. You don’t have enough light, and you’re overwatering. If you want it to survive I would let it dry out.

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Thanks man, so I should water less and get a light, anything else?

  • I have also heard about taking cuttings, is that something I would be able to do?

Yea you can do cloning but I’d get established and understand the basics of growing before you tackle that, mars hydro 1000 is what I consider to be a bare minimum light for 1 plant but if you want to really start off right get a hlg kit