My ph pin was off

Oh boy i re calibrated my ph meter because my ppm pin was right and made my numbers seem weird from normal and found i was .07 off.
And now im in my 4th or 5th week of flower and i got some brown spots and something like fox tails. I’m hoping that i still have time to fix this and have a decent harvest.
I have been using ff nutrients and 2 600w hps in 4x4x6 grow tent in pro mix soil and 5 gallon air pots. Anyways any help would be appreciated

Forgot some

Glad to see you recovered well.

Let me know if I can guide you in any way. Welcome to ILGM

You should recalibrate it at least once a month. .07 off doesnt sound bad tbh. Mine was like 5. Off after a month and a half of using it. I use 2 of them and right now one of them is getting off even after a couple weeks of using it, I know because they are showing different values than each other (both calibrated together)

What do i do about the nut burn or deficiency that is going on now. I don’t know what to do when in flower like this thanks for any help you see the reds and purples on the stems to

And the tips have yellow and curls down and others just drooping now i want to stop it before it gets worse

Drooping looks to be a watering issue, if you have nute burn, cut back on you’re dosage a little bit. I am unsure of where I see any yellowing, when taking pix make sure to take them without the grow light on. It looks like there may be some heat stress but I am unsure if that’s what it is 100%

Ok i do all my nutrients at half doses yes two spires grew like crazy on day and got a little hot you can see the yellow on the tips

Could be from the nute burn, how I can tell it got hot is from the leaves folding in like a taco in some spots.

Looks like it may be warm the taco leaf but the spots I see are pretty normal for how far along you are on those big fan leafs I leave them on till they fall off it’s starting to suck the Energy out of the fan leaves and using that energy and pulling it into the flowers I say let it ride

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O.k. thanks guys this grow was a little weird i was not expecting them to lift the whole scrog net or just jump like 3 inches in a day while I was was at work. Usually I am able too keep the light even but i got spots from 35k lux to 59k lux at the top of the tower. But thanks for checking out my pics i guess just being over cautious about the girls.

What is a good ph pin to get i got the 12 dollar one off Amazon

A lot of people here use

I have 2 of the cheaper ones and they work fine for me

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