My perpetual grow journal

They didn’t even blink an eye after transplant. Showing a root out the bottom of all of them. In an attempt to avoid issues in flower, I’m going to try giving cal mag each feeding with the other nutes. The last 2 grows have shown nute issues cal mag Def, and nitrogen burn at about 2 to 3 weeks into flower. I believe growing in Pro mix with the lack of nutes in the soil and the build up of salts is causing issues.

@AlienBrew this will be the journal I use for my Aeroponics Grow. And any more going forward I think

Looking good! I recently found these LST trainers and they are the bomb. If you have 3d printing experience i could see these easily being replicated but these have saved me already from snapping many branches


@AlienBrew the first aeroponics grow has commenced…

Roots :slight_smile:

I filled the reservoir with 3 gallons tap water and nutes. Sensi Grow A 1ml/gal, Sensi Grow B 1ml/gal, B52 2ml/gal, Voodoo Juice 2ml/gal, and Cal Mag Plus at 1ml/gal. Ph is 6.2. I will let it run for a bit and check again. I think I remember seeing that 5.4-6.2 I’d ideal for hydro…not sure. Maybe someone that runs hydro will chime in.
Timer is set for 10 seconds on, 2 minutes off. I’m going to monitor the root growth and adjust.


Excellent, u should b able to download ph charts on the inter web for hydro grow. I don’t know myself, I’ll look see if I can find something. Great set up looks to b working, strong looking girls. Gotta say I’m impressed, very nice. Hopefully ur whole grow keeps on keeping on the way it’s going. :+1::+1:

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Aero update… Checked and adjusted ph this morning a few hours after lights on. Ph of nutes was 7.1, so I ph downed it with 4ml to 5.9. Water temp is 68°F. Ec of .685, and ppm of 342. The roots look happy. Nice and white.

Watered Black Betty #2 with ph 6.0 water after transplant into 1 gallon container. Sprinkled some great white in the bottom before putting her in.

Aero update: seems ph is fluctuating about .6-1 from morning to night~12 hours between checks. I have been adding ph down to keep it within the 5.8-6.3 range. My question for anyone that might know hydro, should I just continue adding ph down as needed or should nutes be added to bring ph back down…or is it normal for the ph to fluctuate so much? I’m using advanced nutes sensi line “ph perfect” wondering if that’s part of the problem.
Roots look healthy though:


Aero update. Roots look nice and white. I adjusted the timer down to 5 seconds on and 3 minutes off. I noticed some real long roots that aren’t fishboning, and from what I understand the roots fishbone when in presence/getting oxygen. That would make sense that the dripping excess water would be making oxygen less abundant in those areas at the end of the root. The top roots are fishboning nicely. Not much for top growth but they are green and have two small round leaves coming from the tip of the bud.


Water temp is staying around 68-70. Room temp is 76.
Ph adjusted down to 5.7 last night.
It has been 5 days since the start, will top off with a little bit of nutes at half strength and change completely at the end of the week.
Ppm at 360 ish
Ec at .65
Also wondering if I should add clay balls to the net baskets, or if the foam ring/roots will be enough to support them.

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Veg update. Fed and transplanted Black Betty #3. Fed with Sensi Grow A and B at 4ml/gal, B52 at 8ml/gal, Voodoo Juice 8ml/gal, 1/8tsp Great White, Cal Mag at 3ml/gal. Ph of 6.4. 3 liters

Also transplanted Blue Dream #2 but Didn’t have enough soil for the 5 gal final container, so this will have to do for now. Watered with 1 liter of same nutes.

Aero update topped off the reservoir with a gallon of nutes. Adjusted ph down to 5.7.

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Blue Dream #3 got into the 5 gal fabric pot. And lightly fed because she was still wet

Black betty #1 aka threefer got transplanted as well:

Blue dream #1 too:

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Fed half gallon to Blue Dream #2, and she got her final topping on all 4 mains. Tied down the two taller ones and lightly suppercropped them near the connection to the main stem.

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Roots stretching alot. I reduced the cycle time to 3 seconds on every 4 minutes. Hopefully that will get more fishboning and less long roots. From what I have read, there is a fine balance in the on and off time to allow the roots to get misted with enough nutes, but not so much that it drips off the roots, and also making sure to have the right off time to supply them with more nutes before they get damaged. But the exposure to air is what helps the fishboning. The roots look nice and white, but just getting too long. Almost dipping their toes in the nutes at the bottom.

Aero update: moved the aeroponics into the 2x4 tent, with a light and fan. The other girls are growing too much, needed the room. Also added some hydroton clay pebbles under the foam rings. Lightly put them on top of the roots and put the foam insert back in. I have noticed some white stuff at the base of the stem above the foam. Looks like calcium buildup from my damn tap water. Hoping the clay will keep the mist from reaching the top. Roots are looking healthy too I think. Trimmed a couple of the long roots that were dipping into the reservoir. The longer roots seem to be branching out better after the timer adjustment. I adjusted it down a bit more today to 2 seconds on, 4 minutes off. I was still seeing lots of drops hanging on the roots. Trying to achieve more branching.

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great looking plants. I know absolutely nothing about hydro. I am finding your info and explanations very helpful in my gaining some basic understanding. Thanks


Aero update: changed reservoir out today. Definetly going to be buying a second tote to make it quicker. This time I took the nozzle hose out and turned the pump on while holding the end in a bucket. But it took too long to pump 3 or 4 gallons out. Filled it up with 3.5 gallons nutes. Sensi Grow A and B at 2ml/gal, B52 2ml/gal, Voodoo Juice 2ml/gal, Cal Mag Plus 1ml/gal. Ph down to 6.2. I will reduce it again later to 5.7 to try getting a range of nutrient availability. Ec was 600, PPM was 360. When they get a little growth, I will start increasing the nutes a little. I also increased the off time for the pump to 5 minutes. So the settings are now 2 seconds on, 5 minutes off.

Veg update: Fed nutes, bumped up grow a and b to 4ml/gal, b52 at 8ml/gal, Voodoo Juice at 8ml/gal, cal mag plus at 3ml/gal. Ph adjusted down to 6.1.

Black betty#2 I topped all 4 mains and transplanted it into the 5 gallon fabric pot with some great white.

Black Betty #3:

Blue Dream #1 is staying short so far since being topped.

Blue Dream#3 got some twisting thanks @Arrow for the idea. Twisted a half twist with some flexing first on the first 2 and upper two mains.