My only guess is they shifted under the dirt because they are so small?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Strain (type, bag seed): Northern Lights
Soil in pots, hydroponic, or coco?: soil in cup germination
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: no
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: NA
Indoor or outdoor: indoor to germinate
Light system, size?: NA
Temps day, night: room temp
Humidity day, night room temp
Ventilation system (yes/no, size): no
AC, humidifier, de-humidifier?: AC unit in room
Co2 (yes/no): no
I also have some pics.
Update: The first pic is the initial seed that sprouted off-center with the ‘seed helmet’. (its doubled in length)

The second one also sprouted with a seed head off-center but it wasnt attached to the soil very well. It had the little white tail coming out of the seed, so i put it back into the soil, centered, white root facing down.

The second PICTURE is the third one that sprouted. Off-center again.

I’m 100% sure I followed the germination from the Grow Bible exactly, so the off-center sproutings are very confusing. My only guess is they shifted under the dirt because they are so small?

I appreciate the help as a first timer. For all I know, my little girls could be perfectly normal and healthy, but as a perfectionist, I really feel better with expert advice.

Don’t worry about it, you can centre them when you transplant. But get these cups covered up because the light will damage any roots that reach the side of the cup and you really don’t want that to happen, don’t use clear plastic cups if at all possible, or drop the clear cup into an opaque one if you want to be able to check on the roots.


Thanks for the reply! This morning I had a fourth one sprout and its textbook. No seed, just two tiny green arms about to stretch out.
That makes me worried about my first ones.
Using my previous pics (ill post new ones later)
The first one is only getting longer and the second one hasnt changed, except it lost its seed coat. Do i rebury them in the soil, white parts down? Wait and see? Thanks all!
Any advice would be great! Ty

You can use a set of tweezers/forceps to CAREFULLY remove the seed shell from the one that hasn’t shed yet, as in the first one, and the second one should come on fine, just wait a day or two and see if the leaves open as sometimes a tiny membrane doesn’t split. That can be cured VERY carefully with a good sharp knife, a craft knife/scalpel is ideal for this sort of thing.

These things happen, most importantly DON’T PANIC. Not every seed is identical, every plant behaves differently, the main thing is they have broken ground

Thanks for the words. Im covering them with opaque cups and keeping on track. Since they will be outdoor plants, I have them NEAR natural light (it fills the room). When should i give them direct?
Thank you!!

No idea, I’m strictly indoor but I’m sure someone in the outdoor section will know more than me.

Fair enough! An indoor man. I appreciate the help thus far though, very much.

I’m posting another set of pics in case it help (or maybe cuz im just a tiny bit proud?) but all 5 have officially broken ground.
In the order in which they popped up:

I hope I did this right. Thanks all in advance!


Looks good to me, @Catnipforhumans. Welcome to the forum! :v:


Clearly a case of the first-time panics!!
All 5 of my girls have their leaves up and soaking in the sun and they look healthy!

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