My Mother Taught me to

keep my mouth shut if I had nothing positive to say. Up to this point, I’ve let some stuff slip out but now, I’m just going to say it. Overly dramatic? I don’t intend it to be so. Factual? Yes. Necessary? I’m not sure but I would rather explain myself than just disappear.

ILGM in general was a great find. Made lots of friends and acquaintances; learned a lot and shared a lot. Some likely notice that my enthusiasm and love of all things related to weed cultivation have waned here in the Lab or on ILGM in general. That’s not been an easy task as I enjoy the forums and the “brotherhood” of like minded folks.

I have four strains growing and in the past 3 weeks have harvested some of the best smoke I have grown to date. Not sharing and (bragging) about my accomplishments has, as I said, not been easy. I have just as many photos of my plants and updates in my head that historically, I journal-ed faithfully here on the boards (free side).

I understand there are unique and major differences between the free and dank sides here at ILGM. It’s a case of “once bitten, twice shy.” I devoted huge time and energy into documenting my grows and my failures and all other ancillary feats (like hacking cobs) related to my grows only to repeatedly find, the threads gone or at least unavailable to me. Many will say, “Dude, get over it” and I get that. I’ve been a whiner practically each time I have visited the forums over the summer. I am deeply bitter about losing my reference material and one has to (or shud) learn from their mistakes. I did, journal on my calendar right here at home base and forget trying to brag, show off or educate others as to your methods, your success and your failures.

I take most of the blame for feeling the outcast or; for my information being blocked, deleted or altered. It’s a public forum with rules and I likely did not follow those rules to a tee. Oh well. In fact, I suspect I have upset, disappointed or otherwise pissed off some on the Lab side also. It all feels quite unlike it used to.

It’s become quite difficult to fit in visits to sites where I just lurk and do not participate. I suspect I may pop in from time to time because of the addictive nature of what we all do; grow big, beautiful, potent marijuana plants!! THat said, it’s not personal and I have no beef with anyone or any rule. I would have liked the opportunity to mark my threads private or preserve the data in them before I was forbidden to even mention them. I though being a faithful ILGM member, contributor and purchaser would have earned me a tad more respect or consideration. I will place this rant on the freeside also as that is/was the source of much of my bitterness.

I wish each and everyone of you the greatest success in this arena and lives free from pain, stress, worry and sadness! Thanks to any and all and if you have my email, telephone or other contact info. please do not hesitate to say hey, or seek my support or assistance with any little thing. Peace. SA


Completely understandable buddy. There have been many issues and occassions that leave me standing and scratching my head


wait… there’s a paid forum?


Don’t let it get to you like that buddy. Try to understand the nature of people and remember that you are a very valuable and informative member and friend. Hang in there and I wish you the very best!!


I’ve always valued your input.

As for the forum… I’ve been in a few. Ultimately most of them are about making money. It’s no different here. Keeping that in mind helps me understand why some things happen that are befuddling.


Bergmans Lab. I just found out a few days ago myself.

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oh well i posted a list of seeds i bought and that got deleted. i didnt mind though. he deleted it and said "we seel seeds here dont post other company seed deals here. i hadnt thought about it but i didnt mind. the business was booming and to make it boom more, they started a forum that turned out to be pretty good. i used to be on grasscity all the time, but nobody is hardly on there any more. so i started here. i dont mind them making money. i’m a business man myself.


Hey @Screwauger thanks for stopping by! Although I wasn’t aware of any issues you might have experienced, I’m glad you’re doing well and still growing! :sunglasses::v:


I cannot read this right now but, I am posting so I can find it later. Peace