My Marijuana Plants Are Slightly Pollinated

Cannabis plants slightly pollinatedWhen a young flower is only slightly pollinated, will it keep flowering or will the marijuana plant expend most of its energy on developing seeds?

Colas (bud clusters) that have been marginally pollinated will generally continue to grow and generate new stigmas. If a small number of pistils was touched, then seeds will be produced. The rest of the buds will continue growing just like sinsemilla. These buds generally produce only about two or three marijuana seeds.

When only one bud gets pollinated, the remaining buds will obviously continue to grow as sinsemilla buds. When the pistils get pollinated en masse, the marijuana plant must expend energy into producing the seeds, which caused the flowers to suffer. Any new flowers will either come at a slower rate or cease being produced altogether. For newly-developing flowers that have been pollinated, you can expect to see a slowed-down production process for the next 15 to 20 days. But, it’s possible for flower production to start up again when the seeds mature and the plant expends much lesser energy to produce them.


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