My marijuana plants are in constant fire smoke, will it effect the yield?

I’ve got a marijauna garden in the forest, but they have been under consistent fire smoke since the start of the flowering stage. Will the smoke have any effect on the yield?

Smoke in the air will limit how much light gets to the marijuana plant. This will reduce the effectiveness of photosynthesis thereby reducing the rate of growth. The smoke itself might also have an effect on the plant. Particulate matter from the smoke will produce layers of grime and dust that are filled with toxins and ash on the surfaces of leaves. The leaf stomachs will be clogged and the smoke absorbs a lot of light. Smoky air does have a high concentration of carbon dioxide, but it also contains a wide variety of unburned toxic hydrocarbons like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Plant tissue will be damaged and the yield will be smaller, but, more than that, these “poison plants” will be almost entirely unhealthy for you.


You have a very bad situation.
Find a better location to grow. Do to the fact fire uses oxygen, the CO2 is at a very low level and CO is very high.
Smoke refracts and filters light, so the light your plants get is of a poor quality.
Particulate settles on leaves and obstruct the stoma limiting cellular respiration.

Nothing good can come from this. The buds that you might get are going to be loaded with toxins and I would not suggest using them for any reason. Sorry about all the bad news.


I have a similar situation but not as dire. With the California fires lately, I’ve wondered about my outdoor grow. They (two plants) have been exposed to ash but I’ve not seen much on the leaves. The buds are still looking and coming in nicely, but today however it began to rain and I thought nothing of the extra precipitation till later this evening when I was reading about the toxins in the air and realized this tainted rainwater can’t be good for them. I brought them into a covered area outside but I’m still concerned if I should be worried about my buds later? Will testing agents evaluate for toxins if I get a bud analyzed for THC/CBD? Thanks for your help.