My lighting journey

I am new to this and trying to do it relatively inexpensively but still use LED’s.

Started with a very weak light, then got a 150w light from Viparspectra on Amazon.

Then I got this 240w one from Green Beams

I notice that the color of the light from the Green Beam one looks yellower, more like sunlight than the other one which has a more whitish hue.

Not sure what that means.

I guess next step will be an HLG at some point. In the meantime I hope this is sufficient for a first start.

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It’s due to more red spectrum. Red light and green light combine to make yellow light.


It doesn’t look like there are green lights on either. Just red and white? Or is the green not visible?

Correct. Humans see the sum of the light spectrum rather than the individual colors of the light spectrum. You can see the individual colors only if you separate the colors with a prism.


The green beams light fixtures are fantastic I own one myself. 240w, my closet grow canopy is about 34”X42” and it covers its entirety very well. I have not had to run it over 80% to get my preferred DLI output. Such a difference between any other light I’ve ever used. Lighting is crazy important.

Buy quality, if you know what you’re looking for BEFORE you buy. If you don’t know where to begin there are a few knowledgeable members for lighting. HLG is among the best in the market it’s expensive for a reason. They use only the latest most efficient top bin diodes, pair it with the top performing drivers, best cables, hangers, and heat sinks. You can still purchase a quality light fixture that’s not HLG, just know what to buy.

Build options, you can purchase high quality: diode boards and strips, drivers, cables, and connectors. Cut/machine/grind numerous types of alloys to make your own heat sinks Or purchase pre-shaped ones. This method takes a bit mechanical and electrical knowledge but is very doable in most cases. This way, you can customize your lights shape, size, power, and spectrum without limitation.

Do some research, ask someone here for assistance and recommendations… check out some journals… good lighting and proper nutrients are essential to quality.

Just what I’ve found in my journey, hope it helps someone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The first light I used came with my tent, VS2000. I realized it wasn’t gonna be enough for what I was trying to do and got a 350R. The first thing I noticed was the difference in color. HLG light is pure, bright white with a few red stripes ofc. The VS light put off a blue color. It may be great for veg, idk.

I’ve seen some awesome grows under green beams lights. It may be the last stop on your lighting journey. If you do try something else I can definitely recommend HLG. I’ll start trimming tonight but I’m pretty sure I just shattered the 1 pound mark with three GG4 autos under mine.


Thanks! I won’t even consider trying to make
One myself. I’d just burn the hoise down!

That’s awesome!

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The HLG kits are really easy to build if you have changed a plug on an extension cord you can build one

Cold white vs warm white. This is usually associated with a number that is represented correlated color temperature. The lower number you see here is considered warm and more yellow looking, the higher number you see is considered cold and appears more blue. The difference is in the phosphor coating on leds. The graph below shows typical differences in spectral distribution from 3000k to 5000k.

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Yes, that plan worked for me. The HLG350R arrived in time for the new ladies hitting flowering.
Two would provide flexibility options and overkill in a 4x4 (Just right for me). My Kil-a-watt meter gave me usage numbers for current draw (amperage) for each individual light and settings. The LUX meter was the nail in the coffin. My HLG350R outputs twice the LUX readings over the Vipar Spectra V1200 (340 vs 560watts).