My last 6 seeds have had a tap root but none ever broke the surface when planted

I’m having an odd problem, but then we all probably think that! I grow two plants at a time indoors and am on my 3rd grow, all 4 of my previous plants made it to harvest well. For this grow I put 2 seeds (from another seed bank) in a cup of distilled, Ph treated water for 14 hours then put them in a wet paper towel until both tap roots came out, I then planted them in grow cubes in solo cups filled with coco/perlite and kept the soil moist with a mister, neither of them broke the surface, after 10 days I dug them up and could not find anything of them. I tried two more seeds with the same results.

I then purchased new seeds from ILGM, Jack Herer Autoflowers, new soil (Fox Farms Ocean Floor) and followed the ILGM germination guide to the letter, planted the seeds after the tap roots were 1/2 to 3/4 inches directly in the soil this time, same results after two weeks.

Does anybody have any ideas? I’m ready to try again but I don’t want to waste any more seeds/



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Welcome to the forum,

I dont think you need to ph the water if it’s distilled. But other than that in with you on :thinking: :thought_balloon: :thinking:

Thanks for the welcome HJB.
I tested the distilled water, it was 7.4, I’m a bit overprotective of my girls.
I really don’t know what to try next!

Welcome to the forum. Moisten soil before planting is what i do. Then leavem alone. Sometimes I use a dome…sometimes not. No spray. No more water at all. No nutes. They are pretty much self contained for a couple leaves. After they come up…had 1 pop a month later after i wrote it off…less is more till it establishes its roots. If going to ph any water then ph what you use to premoisten the soil. If direct into pot keep temps in area up.80+. If solo I stickem on a heat mat. Just what works for me. Ill dome a solo almost always first week in dirt.

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If you ph treated the water then that could be the issue. When cloning i was told to never add ph down to the reservoir with the mister because it kills roots or something along those lines of not being good but it was directly in the clone king instructions

Ocean Floor was too hot for my babies. I planted in pre moistened happy frog with a plastic wrap dome and let them ride for a roughly 3 days before they pop. Then I water with about a tsp of bottled spring water every 3-4 days. No nutes for the first month or two for me.

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Thanks for the quick replies, I’ll try again!

Thanks all, I have finally had two girls start growing. I appreciate all the help, I left the Ph down out and used plain soil, 2 out of 2 popped!

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